About Us

Pearce Moss Limited is a new company that was founded out of a need for more detailed independent due diligence of what we like to call complex investments – namely tax efficient investments and structured products.


It draws on the complementary experiences of its two directors, Kevin Moss and Chris Pearce.

Kevin has successfully run the ValidPath FCA-authorised financial services network for fifteen years, while a long list of other networks have come and gone. Over that time he’s developed a class beating support proposition for ValidPath’s members.

Chris came to wealth management and advice from an earlier career in investment banking, where he ran several equity derivatives desks in Asia. When you’re part of a team making markets in volatile derivatives and corporate mezzanine finance it hones your risk, modelling and due diligence skills. You learn to focus quickly on what’s relevant and what to ignore.


They recognised that in order provide suitable advice the problem is not only about whether complex investments will do what they say on the tin, but what is actually in the tin – and how do they stack up against the other offers?

And that’s what we’re aiming to provide, independent and compliant research that simplifies the suitability and due diligence process and badges these investments correctly. That should make the job of the IFA somewhat easier, saving time and providing better solutions.